About Us

Pangea Trust was registered in 2019 to focus on building the innovation ecosystem and mobilizing resources from the African Diaspora to create investments. We create an enabling environment, where African entrepreneurs can develop competence, and access relevant networks and capital to reach their full potential.

Our mission at Pangea Trust

Pangea Trust’s mission is to solve the biggest challenge in Africa by catalyzing different ecosystem players to accelerate innovations, we do this by unlocking diaspora remittances as an investment toward impact-driven African-founded startups.

Pangea is currently operating in East Africa where it provides African start-ups with access to investors, foundations, and development agencies to reach a global scale.

What we offer

Pangea Trust seeks to continue growing its reach and footprint on the continent as the go-to business accelerator and investment platform by providing;

1. Alternative innovative financial and investment products to Africa founded Businesses

2. Innovative solutions to support businesses

3. Business development services and investor readiness programs

4. Education and knowledge transfer program between diaspora and Africa-founded business

5. Innovation and co-created partnership solution towards creating financing and growth opportunities

To date, Pangea Trust has secured almost $ 1 million from partners such as Swedish International Development Agency, to mobilize and activate diaspora remittance as an investment to be channeled to Africa-founded businesses which play a critical role in rebuilding a more inclusive and sustainable economy.



Code of Conduct and values

  • Pangea Trust believes in solutions for People. Planet and Profit. We only support startups and SME’s that have a positive impact on society/environment and the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Over 50% of the businesses we support have female Co-founders and youth entrepreneurs.
  • Pangea Trust has a strict anti-corruption policy.