Why 150 startups choose to work with Pangea Trust?


We asked our community of startups why they choose to join our programs and work with Pangea. This is what they said

Investment opportunities from international and local investors: Pangea Trust focuses on smart funding and have a pool of international and local investors

High quality programs: Pangea Trust has a net promoter score of 80 points and high satisfaction level for startups

Partnership opportunities: 70% of the startups make relevant partnerships during our programs (Corporates, NGO’s, government etc.)

Relevant mentors: Pangea has a pool of 150+ local and international mentors

Opportunities to recieve grant funding: Some of our partners offer grant funding to startups to achieve catalytic effect

Strong local presence: Pangea organizes 20-30 startup events a year including Nairobi Innovation Week, Nairobi Tech Week etc.

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