Who are the African Diaspora?

Who are the African Diaspora?

According to the World Bank, migrants’ remittances worldwide represented $520 billion in 2018, including $8 billion in transfers from France to Africa the same year. Recent trends also show the generally higher education levels of diasporas as well as their increased feminization (data from OCDE-AFD 2019). 

Taking France as a statistic, the number of immigrants (6.22 million) and their children in France (7.48 million), diasporas represent a potential 20% of the French population. The African diaspora in France accounts for roughly half of the African diaspora in Europe; it consists of both foreigners (2.9 million people) and descendants of immigrants (3.3 million people).
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Migration Policy Institute have defined Diasporas as: “Emigrants and their descendants who live outside the country of their birth or ancestry, either on a temporary or permanent basis, yet still maintain affective and material ties to their countries of origin.

Due in large part to its history, France is the European country of choice for some of the most diverse diasporas in Europe. And one of the most enduring ties to countries of origin can be found in the steady stream of revenue sent home in the form of remittances.

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