Videographer ToR

Videographer ToR

Videographer ToR

Project Background 

Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) through its support to Pangea Trust launches a Diaspora fundraising project that seeks to increase deployment of diaspora remittances and networks to provide investment capital to Kenyan MSMEs and startups. The process requires the creation of the conditions necessary for safe and seamless movement of capital and other resources from the diaspora to viable MSMEs and promising start-ups in a formal and structured manner. 

ToR Videographer 

In partnership with SIDA, diaspora influencers, and other stakeholders, Pangea Trust plans to use an integrated approach to achieve the project’s key objectives of activating diaspora remittances and networks as a sustainable source of financing and capital for MSMEs and start-ups in Africa generally and specifically in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. We are looking for a Creative Videographer with a wide range of skills- where you: take photos, film and edit with ease. 

Videographer Responsibilities: 

  • Responsible for ALL photography and video content from start to finish including but not limited to filming and editing. 
  • Responsible for capturing high-quality content, fun, and brand-friendly moments that are candid and resonate with the SIDA project.
  • Assist in getting the ideal location and right footage or Image angles with the support of Pangea Team.
  • Direct other camera operators so that the needed footage is acquired.
  • Ensure that ALL the needed equipment for a shoot is available on location and working.

Videographer Requirements: 

  • Relevant university education in Videography or equivalent. 
  • Manual dexterity and physical mobility. 
  • Creativity and attention to detail. 
  • Ability to work under deadline pressure. 
  • Organization to manage their time efficiently. 
  • Ability to capture snippets of film and be able to edit it into a cohesive story. 
  • Flexibility and good listening skills. 
  • Enough patience to wait for the perfect shot. 
  • Energy and determination to deliver the tasks. 
  • Technical acumen to be able to operate, configure, set up, and fix video, audio, lighting, or other production equipment. 
  • Must know computerized tape editing software and equipment. 
  • Understanding of post-production techniques. 
  • Can work in a variety of digital venues with software to edit and finish film work. ● Passion—they have to be all about getting the shot. 
  • It is an advantage if you have experience of crowdfunding or investment platforms. We offer you a job in an innovative company that grows! 

How do you apply 

Send in previous samples of your work with the subject line “Videographer”. Application Deadline 11th August 2021. The applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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