The African Diaspora can be a Gamechanger for African Startups

Supporting African Impact Entrepreneurs

Our mission is to change the narrative about Africa and to re-define what role the diaspora plays as agents of change in the digital landscape and financing of the SDG’s. With over 30 million people in the African diaspora, it has potential to be a major source of impact and poverty reduction as we send over $40 billion each year to the African continent

The Diaspora is active today in supporting African impact entrepreneurs and businesses. The money sent to Africa is mainly used to support the extended family and our mission is to increase support to business development, competence to young entrepreneurs and productive investments.


By developing a one stop shop for the diaspora interested in becoming investors.

The platform offers investor training programs focusing primarily on the diaspora to become early stage investors in Africa.

We believe this group can unlock much needed financial and human capital if provided the right training, network and education.