Terms of Reference Conducting Evaluation of Strategic partnership Attained through Diaspora Investment Partnership


Background of the Project

Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) through its support to Pangea Trust launches Diaspora fundraising project that seeks to increase deployment of diaspora remittances and networks to provide investment capital to Ethiopian MSMEs and startups. The process requires creation of the conditions necessary for safe and seamless movement of capital and other resources from the diaspora to viable MSMEs and promising start-ups in a formal and structured manner.

Diaspora remittances inflow in the continent are estimated to hit USD78 Billion in 2021 that a significant amount, by any standards. While the number of inflows and their countries of origin are well documented and well known, there appears to be no specific studies and data in the public domain on the uses to which the remittances are put, locally. The widely held view, however, is that such remittances are primarily directed at consumption and social support, which is not sustainable. The sums committed to investment, moreover, tend to be more destined for personal or family development with only a few resources set aside for business investment. Even then, diaspora investors are
known to face challenges relating to dearth of information on viable investments and the little information available is often insufficient to prevent losses due to lack of proper due diligence, professional services and investment appraisal because of unstructured engagement.

In partnership with SIDA, diaspora influencers and other stakeholders, Pangea will use a comprehensive, coherent and integrated approach to achieve the project’s key objectives of activating diaspora remittances and networks as a sustainable source of financing and capital for MSMEs and start-ups in Africa generally and specifically in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Project Objectives

To activate diaspora remittances and networks as a sustainable source of financing and capital for start-ups and MSMEs in Ethiopia to drive job creation and enhance entrepreneurial capacity and opportunities.

The above objective is to be achieved through innovative approaches beyond today’s development collaboration. This will include innovative financing solutions such as diaspora fund, Matching fund, challenge fund, accelerator fund guarantee fund etc with catalytic effect to support SME’s and startups to create sustainable jobs.

Terms of Reference

The primary purpose of this partnership evaluation and project final end report is to assess the extent to which the intentions of the partnership recruitment and. Acknowledging that expectations set by different stakeholder groups for partnerships may vary, the evaluation will assess the extent to which there is satisfaction among stakeholder groups on partnerships in Pangea Trust analyzing the underlying causes and variances. The evaluation will provide evaluative evidence and lessons on partnerships modalities; how well they have fulfilled their objectives, what have been the drivers of success and what have been constraints. The evaluation will formulate recommendations to Pangea Trust collectively, and partners on ways to improve the systemic incentives, structures and strategies for enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and accountability related to partnerships, in order to improve the overall development and delivery of results towards Pangea Trust goal goals.

Focus and scope

The focus of this evaluation will be on partnerships at the Pangea Trust level primarily, focusing on diaspora investment partnership project. Therefore, the evaluation will assess roles, strategies and contributions to the diaspora investment partnerships, in terms of their influence on partnership performance. Partnerships are evolving with increasing collaboration between public agencies and the private sector, and with actors in innovation systems and along value chains. Partnerships cover very different kinds of arrangements and relationships ranging from contracts that involve funding flows to making seed available to partners to events under common themes and interests. The evaluation will focus on the time span from when diaspora investment partnership initiative kicks off to the end of contracts.

The consultant conducting the evaluation will also generate conclusive final project report, covering all project activities, the comparative of what achieved against what was planned for.

Evaluation questions

The main criteria to be addressed in this evaluation are relevance and effectiveness of partnerships in the context of the Pangea Trust diaspora investment partnership project objectives. This will also include looking at partnership management. The evaluation will look at partnership strategies against theoretical frameworks and concepts on good practice on partnerships management. The evaluation will assess efforts in maximizing opportunities for synergy and efficiency, and it will assess external partnerships from three perspectives:

The evaluation will have a descriptive component that aims at exploring the expectations there are regarding partnerships in Pangea Trust diaspora investment partnership initiative, donors, and external partners. This will be based on an existing typology of partners that is available in during the execution of DIP project work.

The evaluation will also explore the main drivers and incentives to establishing partnerships and identify the main constraints to strategic partnering. The evaluation will assess the roles and influence that Sida and its involved countries embassies contributed in generating conditions for partnerships to prosper. This will include the influence that donor decisions and funding strategies have played in incentivizing, or not.

The evaluation addresses below questions listed below that are to be elaborated and prioritized.

• To what effort has Pangea Trust put in place to become more strategic regarding external partnerships?
• Did Pangea Trust apply innovative approach in partnering and new mechanisms of resourcing partnerships to meet its objectives? (Includes addressing resource limitations faced by partners)
• To what extent are partnerships enhancing the objectives set for them of strengthening diaspora investment partnership on one hand and for enhancing the outcome intended by the project on the other
• Are partnerships well managed and supported Pangea Trust against good practices?
• Is CGIAR managing risks of different kinds related to partnerships (such as reputation or liability)?
• How can Pangea Trust utilize influence of Sida as a partner and its embassies in driving diaspora investment agenda?
• What were the key success areas, and what are lesson learnt in this process?

Output and Deliverables

• The Evaluation Report is the main output of the evaluation. It will present the findings, lessons learnt
conclusions, and recommendations, based on the evidence collected during the desk review. The
recommendations will be informed by evidence, clearly formulated, strategically relevant and targeted to
specific areas of growth of Diaspora investment partnership project
• The deliverable will also include a presentation given by the consultant for disseminating the report its
findings, lessons learnt conclusions, and recommendations. The presentation must utilize Pangea Trust
brand guidelines.
• The consultant conducting the evaluation will also generate conclusive final project report, covering all
project activities, the comparative of what achieved against what was planned for.
• Final report
• Blog/article, and PowerPoint presentation of findings etc

Competencies and qualifications of the consultant

• Proven ability to demonstrate innovate thinking and previous experience working innovative financing for SMEs and startups and digital platform
• Substantive knowledge of diaspora remittance as a thematic area
• Ability to work independently to strict timelines
• Ability to contribute to and comfortably work in a multi-disciplinary setting
• Excellent planning and facilitation skills
• Cultural awareness and sensitivity and contextual knowledge of diaspora remittance as a thematic area
• Strong interpersonal team work and communication skills
• Excellent written and spoken English skills and sound reporting skills.


• A minimum of a Masters’ degree any other related field.
• 7 years’ experience in conducting research (particularly in this kind of research)
• Proven understanding of the innovation eco-system in particular innovative financing, and diaspora

Financial proposal

Interested consultant(s) and/or agencies should provide an estimated daily rate for the proposed assignment based on the timelines provided.

Time line,

The Consultancy is expected to take a maximum of 30 days and shall be undertaken between the months of Feb 20th to 20th March 2022. Draft report by 20th March 2022.

Submission of applications

On or before 15th Feb 2021, through info@pangeatrust.co email reference being “Diaspora Investment Partnership Strategic Partnership Evaluation”

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