Diaspora Startup Investment Program

Diaspora startup investment program seeks to create opportunities that unlock investment for high-growth startups in Kenya, Somalia & Ethiopia. Are you running an impact-driven, high-growth startup in Kenya Somalia & Ethiopia, sector agnostic business? Are you creating impact with the potential to achieve hockey stick growth & in need of investment to scale?

Benefits of Drawing investment from African Diaspora Networks

  • You will gain access to diaspora networks and technical expertise on new market scaling opportunities. 
  • Exciting opportunity to unlock investment powered by diaspora remittances. 
  • A fresh perspective from the African diaspora community of investors with extensive knowledge and passion supporting African-founded businesses.
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The 2021 AgriFood Nigeria Accelerator Program aims  to enable and empower Agri-food tech Entrepreneurs with the skills and resources needed to build successful and thriving agri-food tech businesses across Nigeria. The program will use innovative modules to diagnose the gaps and opportunities faced by the Startups, then subsequently deploy appropriate support mechanisms in the form of training, business planning, mentorships, peer learning, and the setting up of operating and administrative infrastructure to bolster the existence of the participating Agritech Startups.Programme targets outstanding Nigerian agribusiness entrepreneurs (Founders, CEOs and Owner-managers) whose businesses are currently at growth stage and who are looking to scale their businesses, expand their market reach and attract potential investors and strategic partners.

The program will run for a duration of 8 weeks and includes interactive workshops, consulting sessions, business support services, one-on-one and group mentoring sessions with a team of seasoned sector industry members and advisors.



  • ACCESS TO SEED CAPITAL:- The program will groom participants to have the necessary tools and skills to secure investment from a pre-selected pool of investors.
  • PERSONALISED COACHING:- Experienced coaches will facilitate scheduled or need based mentorship to provide personalised attention in addressing each company’s needs. Coaches also support tailoring growth strategies and pathways.
  • BUSINESS 2 BUSINESS SALES OPPORTUNITIES:- The program will support entrepreneurs access market linkages through B2B opportunities with leading businesses in the sector.
  • ADAPTIVE LEARNING: – Entrepreneurs will undergo an intensive period of business evaluation and diagnosis. The curriculum is then tailored to meet the unique needs of each company


  • Call for application
  • Shortlisting & Enrolment of 20 Agribusiness Entrepreneurs
  • Gap Assessment:
  • Product/Service Development & Sustainability
  • Business & Operating Model
  • Access to Market
  • Financial Management
  • Develop Growth Plan of Individual Participants
  • Implementation of Accelerator Support in line with Growth Plan
  • Demo Day & Business Pitch Competition


  • Workshops 8
  • Duration 8 weeks
  • Skill Level Intermediate
  • Language English
  • Cohort Size 30
  • Categories Growth Stage


Who is implementing the AgriFood Nigeria Accelerator?

This program is being implemented by Pangea trust with the support of Microsoft.

Where can I access the application form?

You can get the application form Here.

Who is eligible to apply?

The following is the eligibility criteria for the application

1.Nigerian Women and youth owned post revenue companies in agriculture and related industries
2.The business needs to have an existing working product and generating revenue
3.The founder must be between the ages of 18-35 yrs.
4.The business must be based in Abuja, Nigeria.
5.Be operating a CAC registered agribusiness venture at the growth stage, currently in operation and generating income.
6.At least one co-founder must be on the project on a full-time basis.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is 11:59pm WAT, 20th April 2022.

What are the benefits of applying to the AgriFood Nigeria Accelerator?

The program has the following benefits for you:
1.Opportunity to receive investment of upto $100,000 ONLY for high potential innovative businesses
2.Access to B2B sales opportunities
3.10 weeks of intensive business development training
4.Access to a leading network of experts in Agriculture
5.Tailored coaching sessions to address your business needs and mentoring

How long is the acceleration period?
The acceleration period is 8 weeks

When does the program begin?
The program is starting on 25th April 2022

When does the program end?
The program is ending on 30th June 2022

What specialised skills will I learn during the accelerator?

Specialised skills include
1.Business Intelligence
2.Investor preparedness and engagement
3.Product development
4.Customer Validation
5.Customer acquisition skills
6.Design and presentation skills