Must Listen To Podcasts For 2022

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New year, new you. At least in theory. For many of us, old patterns start creeping in and we fall into old habits. But if you put “listen to more podcasts” on your resolutions list, we’ve got you covered.
In no particular order, here are our top 10 picks for 2022.

1. African Tech Roundup

The African Tech Roundup is a South Africa-produced podcast that highlights independent Africa-focused technology, digital and innovation insight and analysis. The light hearted banter, wide array of topics and knowledge from experts are just three of the many things that set it apart from other tech podcasts.

2. Legally Clueless

From Kenya’s own, Adelle Onyango, Legally Clueless is a podcast that documents different stages of the unique human journeys of everyday African people. Adelle shares stories from real people about their experiences, giving them agency over their own narratives.

3.The Fairer Cents

For women in marginalized communities looking for ways to handle finances, The Fairer Cents does an amazing job looking deeper into what really makes money such a complicated subject. They tell stories from women at different stages of their journeys, some experts and some not. If you’re looking for a money podcast with some new female voices, try out The Fairer cents.

4. TED Radio Hour

We’ve all heard a TED talk at least once in our lives. If not, you’ve definitely heard of them. TED Radio Hour, hosted by Manoush Zomorodi , dives deeper into topics presented during the talks and brings in new voices in the field. To explore the biggest questions of our time with the world’s greatest thinkers, look no further.

5. It’s Related, I Promise

It’s related, I promise, is a podcast by three kenyan women who share their experiences spanning the African continent. Muthoni Muchiri, Julia Gaitho and Sharon Machira dive into diverse topics that cover the African condition to mental health. This podcast is another perfect one for your Monday morning commute to kick off the week right.

6. Young African Entrepreneur

For young Africans getting into the entrepreneurial world, the existing episodes of Young African Entrepreneur are a perfect way to learn about the different aspects of starting your own business. The host, Victoria Crandall, chats with successful entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa about tactical advice, personal motivators, and unexpected surprises for industry leaders and market professionals as they chart their own path to success.

7. The Afroverse

If you’re looking for candid stories from Africa and the diaspora, look no further than The Afroverse. Hosted by Hope Hajir, The Afroverse tows the line between being light hearted and hard hitting beautifully. Another must listen for Africans within and in the diaspora.

8. HypheNation: A Diaspora Life

Ethiopian-American and Ethiopian-Canadian hosts Serkalem and Rebka explore life in the diaspora. What is lost? What is gained? What is life in the “in between”? For listeners in the diaspora, this one is a must add to your podcast library.

9. Unexplainable

Unexplainable is a science show about everything we don’t know. Host Noam Hassenfeld is joined by an array of experts and Vox reporters each week to look at the most fascinating unanswered questions in science and the mind-bending ways scientists are trying to answer them. From Venus going to hell, building blocks of the universe and the first human to live to 150, the Unexplainable podcast will keep you at the edge of your seat.

10. African Folktales

For our story lovers in the audience, African Folktales gives in-depth explorations of folktales from all over the continent. With stories from the Baganda to the Yoruba, we’re sure you’ll get a fill of all things African stories from this podcast.


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