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Food Africa Program Blog

Accelerator programs are usually packed with events and activities that would benefit startups including networking and social activities which provide opportunities for startups to interact with different people throughout the program including industry experts, mentors, thought leaders, and investors to harness strategic relationships. The Food Africa program in Kenya wasn’t able to host a number of these key events and networking opportunities for the cohort. Due to the risk caused by COVID 19, a virtual platform was instead chosen for this and tailored to empower entrepreneurs with virtual resources for their capacity development, while allowing for flexibility of learning as they continued to focus on the company’s growth, success, and ultimately drive revenue.

Sustainable entrepreneurship requires a supportive, responsive and consistent environment. Stakeholder management and engagement must be extensive, tailored, collaborative, and iterated to match the business needs to create strong and resilient businesses and entrepreneurial ecosystems. As a close to the Food Africa program, the Food Africa Accelerator team facilitated a validation exercise of the program structure as well as a map out on how to best support the startups past the program.

The startups were invited to this physical social session with all the startups that doubled as a networking event as it was the first time the startups meet with the program team. 

Friday, 19th February 2021 saw the nine early-stage and scale-up businesses and the food Africa organizing team meet at Ashaki Grill in Nairobi to interact and discuss opportunities for collaboration following the program close. 

The event dubbed “The Startup Social” put startups on a journey of interacting with each other building networks as well as giving feedback to the team including how the program impacted their businesses and areas that could have been improved on. This was done to properly understand whether the program was undressing the pain points of startup businesses disrupting the Kenyan Agriculture sector.  As well as aiming to inspire businesses through an intimate reflection from their mentors and trainers.

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