Financial Institutions Engagement Session

PT- Finance Institutions Speaker Profiles-02-01

Pangea Trust will, on the 15th of December, host a virtual Financial Institutions Engagement Session.

The event seeks to bring together key stakeholders including the African diaspora, Investors and Financial Institutions in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia to engage them on various investment opportunities in financial institutions that are presented by diaspora remittances.

The event will be attended by about 50 guests from the African Diaspora, Financial Institutions; NCBA and EcoBank, Kenya Diaspora Alliance,Mentoria, Amana Capital and other participants who have directly or indirectly contributed or are well placed to influence further engagement between bank and the diaspora community on different investment platforms.

The event will feature two keynote speakers, a 30 minute panel discussion and a 15 minute Q&A with the participants.

Key to this will include; feedback and inputs on the various investment opportunities for the diaspora community in financial institutions.

The discussions in the session will be centered around; providing potential feedback of investment opportunities in banks for the diaspora communities, addressing challenges experienced by diaspora communities while trying to access investment opportunities, initiate networking among financial institutions and the diaspora community, and improving engagement between banks and the diaspora community.

Through this, Pangea Trust, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency seeks to create a platform to revolutionize startup and SME funding by providing an opportunity to the diaspora to become a key player in the ecosystem.

The aim of the event is to gain vital insights and further involve the key practitioners and stakeholders in providing feedback on the relevance and the value addition of redirecting diaspora remittances towards investment in high growth startups.


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