Financial Accountant


Financial Accountant

The role Summary

A Financial Accountant will be responsible for running the accounting and financial activities of an organization. They will analyze the economic stability of the company and provide financial information to other departments, enabling these departments to make budgeting and organization growth decision. A Financial Accountant will report on costs, productivity, margins and company expenditures.

1.1 Accounting management – supervise the accounting cycle for the mission

  • Ensure timely and accurate data entries in cashbook, bankbook following the standard descriptions defined in Finance Procedure Manual;
  • Verify and coordinate the monthly compilation accounts from each area;
  • Supervise cash and bank balance checking process when closing the monthly accounts;
  • Communicate accounts on a monthly basis to Managing Director as per finance manual guidelines in line with the monthly accounting schedule as per Finance Procedures;
  • Manage the presentation, circulation, filing of vouchers and archiving of accounting and financial documents in compliance with Finance procedures. Review on a random basis quality and compliance of documentation from areas when centralizing.
  • Execute monthly accounts reconciliation as per the financial procedures Execute the Yearly and Monthly Accounting.
  • Tax returns reporting and inventory processing.
  • Verification of the petty cash counts.
  • Overseeing the procurement processes of organization purchases

1.2 Ensure a controlled and smooth cash management

  • Ensure justified bank selection process, open/close bank accounts under the authority of the Managing Director as per financial guidelines and procedures.
  • Oversee the management of bank accounts: control, follow and make sure flows are properly lettered (advances, transfers, etc.), check balances and justifications, authorised visas;
  • Supervise the management of safes and cash: available amount, balance checks, security instructions;
  • Assess monthly cash-flow needs for projects;
  • Manage money transfers, areas cash-supply and amounts in circulation, whilst defining payment procedures (bank transfer, cheque, cash etc.);
  • Make sure donors are invoiced on time.
  • Prepare funders financial report on time

2. Commitment of expenditures, budget control, & Financial Management

2.1 Commitment of expenditure – guaranty budget availability and compliance donor’s procedures before releasing payments:

  • Collect visas of authorised staff members, set-up commitment ceiling in local currencies, define methods and timescales for payment;
  • Before commitment / payment of any expenditure, check authorization levels, budget availability, budget line on which the expense is to be allocated to, ensuring full compliance with finance manual and donors procedures:
  • In close coordination with Procurement, negotiate terms of contracts including payment schedule & taxes obligations; ensure that procurement procedures are adhered to;
  • Ensure that staff contracts are in line with available budgets / budget constraint; review and validate the payroll on the 24th of each month;
  • Validate partner’s accounting and documentation accuracy and compliance before payment.
  • Proper filing of all documents pertaining to the above tasks ensuring all paid vouchers are stamped ‘Paid’

2.2 Project budget follow-up, cost control, internal & external audits – anticipate and mitigate financial risks ensuring operations are run in a compliant and cost-efficient manner

  • Lead Budget process;
  • Analyse/report gaps between planned budgets and actual expenses; comply to the flexibility rule;
  • Anticipate financial risks, present budget updates and mitigation plans;
  • Analyse and report monthly running costs,
  • Prevent and report any financial and operational loss.
  • Take the lead on external audit preparation in support to the country compliance teams if any; Contribute to opening/closeout meetings, responses to audit reports, recommendations’ implementation plans.

3. Project financial cycle management

3.1 Develop project budgets and reports – ensure the financial feasibility of projects, respecting finance manual and donors’ rules and deadlines

  • Gather information from the relevant departments to consolidate budgets for project proposals according to project/mission needs and donor constraints; Propose sufficient programme and support budgets including mission’s investment plans in close link with country coordination;
  • Review and negotiate terms of grant contracts before signature.
  • Follow-up payments from donors and financial project close-out (contract liquidation).

4. Team leadership & other tasks

  • Update the organization chart and ToRs of the finance and administration departments (if applicable) according to the mission development; Oversee the team, plan & conduct finance staff recruitments, undertake appraisals, follow career management, identify staff with potential and contribute internal mobility policy; Ensure training and capacity building for finance team members in order to increase the level of technical ability and skills;
  • Actively promote strong & structured articulations with all teams on finance matters;
  • Improve information flows within the department and with other departments;
  • Plan field monitoring missions;
  • Perform any other related activities as assigned by immediate supervisor.

Application Deadline 30th September 2021
The applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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