Diaspora startup investment program

Call for Investment  Diaspora startup investment program envisages to catalyze that unlock investment for high growth startups in Kenya, Somalia & Ethiopia. Are you running an impact-driven, high-growth startup in Kenya Somalia & Ethiopia, sector agnostic business? Are you creating impact with the potential to achieve hockey stick growth & in need of investment to […]

Fundraising Associate ToR

Fundraising Associate ToR - Pangea Trust

FUNDRAISING ASSOCIATE About Pangea Trust Pangea Trust seeks to continue growing its reach and footprint on the continent as the go-to business accelerator and investment platform. We are currently operating in East Africa where we are matching African start-ups with investors, foundations and development agencies to reach a global scale. We are looking for an […]

How Islamic Finance is different from conventional finance

Pangea Trust in partnership with SIDA Labs has been looking for ways to enable more Africans to gain access to Islamic Finance and Banking. Islamic finance is optionally a new and more productive way of financing start-ups and idea-stage ventures in Africa.  We have been organizing various roundtables – a co-creation process – and we […]

Co-create with us at the African Diaspora Summit This week!

There is beauty in collaboration which is the theme for this years’ African Diaspora Summit. We are happy to announce that we, at Pangea, will be actively involved at the summit running for two full days 16th & 17th of April 2021, 10.30am to 2pm CET. Our exciting sessions will be under the ‘Innovation’ theme, […]

Journey of Investment Platform

Journey of Investment Platform

As the saying goes; there is no innovation without representation! A democratic ideal of ensuring that everyone involved gets a chance to be represented fairly in technological developments. This statement sparked our co-creation process, which has been running over the past month. Co-creation has been the leading star of all our engagements with the diaspora […]

Who are the African Diaspora?

Who are the African Diaspora?

According to the World Bank, migrants’ remittances worldwide represented $520 billion in 2018, including $8 billion in transfers from France to Africa the same year. Recent trends also show the generally higher education levels of diasporas as well as their increased feminization (data from OCDE-AFD 2019).  Taking France as a statistic, the number of immigrants […]

Food Africa Program Blog

Food Africa Program Blog Accelerator programs are usually packed with events and activities that would benefit startups including networking and social activities which provide opportunities for startups to interact with different people throughout the program including industry experts, mentors, thought leaders, and investors to harness strategic relationships. The Food Africa program in Kenya wasn’t able […]

Our key insights from African diaspora roundtable II

Our key insights from African diaspora roundtable II  We had yet another fantastic online event where around 40 people were based in different countries with heritage from seven different African countries. If you missed the first newsletter here is a recap on why we believe it’s important to involve the African diaspora in such an […]

Pangea hearts Hyper Island students

Not too long ago we had a chance to connect to the brightest minds of tomorrow. We had an opportunity to work with them for a full week! Hyper Island is known in the education industry. They are known to be a global learning provider where their pillar stone is learning by experience. They offer […]

We might be scattered but here we are gathered

There are about 30+ million of us. When I mean us, I refer to the African diaspora scattered all over the world. The diaspora division at The African Union (AU) defines the African diaspora as consisting: “of people of native African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are […]