Black History Month, Feb 2022


Black history month celebration started in the US in 1926 to honour African Americans and raise awareness about black history. 

In the US, February was chosen to coincide with Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas’ birthdays, personalities that are a great part of America’s black history. 

It did not remain in the US alone- other countries such as Canada, Germany, Ireland and others also now celebrate Black History Month, albeit at different times. 

While the US, Canada and Germany observe this celebration in February, other countries observe it in October. Regardless of the time, observance of this month means remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora with different themes each year.

This year 2022, the Black History month has been all about Black Health and Wellness. 

With research stating that in the US black women are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women, one of the most celebrated personalities has been Amanda Carey Carter, a midwife who wholeheartedly helped with the births of black and white children alike for over 49years in Prince Edward County. 

She beat the odds of racial segregation, and she also well represented the history of midwifery having been a profession that was passed down generations in families long before it was well embraced as a profession in the medical field. 

At the time when she was licensed, high maternal mortality rates in America were at an all-time high and the government was trying to curb this by enforcing regulations. 

Amanda and others proudly took up the challenge of the process of obtaining a license, celebrating the difference of caring for their patients with the addition of formal training.

 It is people such as Amanda that form a part of the rich Black History in America and elsewhere; and as the African diaspora go on to make small and big contributions alike to both black and white lives, history continues to be made and the celebration of Black History Month lives on.


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